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This science fair project was performed to investigate the effect of the color of our surroundings on our appetite. The science fair project experiment involved placing squirrels in colored boxes and observing their daily consumption of nuts.


The squirrels in the red box will eat the most nuts.

Scientific Terms

Psychological, physiological, respiration, blood pressure, metabolism


Color psychology

Colors have a strong effect on setting the mood and feeling of a person when he enters a room. Color is not only for the eyes . There are also psychological and physiological effects produced by colors on a person. Knowledge of this subject can help us choose the right color for our living rooms, bedrooms, dining, kitchen and even offices to enhance the quality of our lives.

Blue is the favorite color for both genders. It is a calming, soothing and relaxing color. Blue also makes us more spiritual and focused. It is a suitable color for study rooms and bedrooms. However, we are instinctively wired to resist food that is blue in color and it serves as an appetite suppressant. Blue is not advisable for the walls of kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants.

The effects of the color red are the opposite of blue. It is known to increase respiration and blood pressure. Red color also stimulates appetite and conversation. Shades of red like pink are known to calm anger and violent behavior. Orange is a cheerful color and also helps to improve the appetite. It is suitable for kitchens and dining rooms.

Other colors like green are soothing and are believed to help to improve digestion. Yellow color increases metabolism and makes people angry.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
2 days to prepare, 9 days for the science fair project experiment
Material availability:
May be found at a hardware store and pet store
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements. Handle animals with care to avoid being bitten.