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The larger the volume of a participant’s lungs, the more air he or she blows into the balloon. Hence, the larger the balloon, the greater the volume, as indicated in the volume table. Refer to the illustration.  In the measurement and recording of lung volume, would the shape of the balloon matter? How do you think it would affect your measurements?

We’ve already mentioned that all participants should be of the same age, and should have no ailments. What are some other variables that should be controlled, in the experiment? For example, does it matter whether all participants use the same type of balloon, made from the same material? What about the color of the balloons? How about the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment?

Also consider

Repeat the experiment over a wide range of age groups and ethnicities 


“What Should I Know about Lung Capacity?” on the Wise Geek web site

“Respiratory or Lung Volumes and Capacities” at GetBodySmart

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