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Cramming and restful sleepScience project video


Anyone who has ever been a student most likely has experienced cramming for an exam or staying up late to complete a paper. For some students, this is their normal method of study, some claiming that they do better when they wait until the last minute. Does waiting to the last minute to do an assignment really work best? In this experiment you will track students' grades under both conditions: restful sleep and pulling an "all nighter."


Determine how cramming for an exam or assignment affects grades.

Scientific Terms

Learning, Sleep


Researchers are learning what many students do not fully appreciate; both study and sleep are needed for successful academic performance. Though students may believe that last minute studying is more important than a good night's rest, it may be that both are equally important. In this science fair project, you will compare the academic performance of students who routinely cram for completion of an assignment and those who are able to get restful sleep.

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    This experiment requires tracking students' study habits over a minimum of 4 weeks. Additional time required to identify and recruit participants for the study.
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