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The Psychology of ParkingScience project video


Ever go someplace like the grocery store or the mall and noticed how people park? Some people feel a need to back into a parking space; some take up two parking spaces, and then there are those who park in handicapped spaces even though they do not qualify. In this experiment, you will conduct a survey on these parking behaviors and attempt to understand the thought processes of the drivers.


Investigate the frequency of different parking styles and understand the mindset of the drivers.

Scientific Terms

Psychology, Personality


While the aim of this science project is to identify the frequency of different parking behaviors and the thought process of the drivers, the experiment needs to be carried out in an unbiased, non-judgmental manner. People will not open up to sharing information about themselves if they feel that they are being judged. Also, it is important that when you speak to the drivers, you clearly state that this is an experiment that is being conducted anonymously and that no identifiable information of the driver will be used. As it may be difficult to locate drivers of the studied vehicles, you can directly approach people who you know engage in these parking behaviors, to interview them.

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    Additional time may be needed to locate sites for the experiment.
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    Safety concerns:

    Adult supervision is recommended as this science project involves interviewing strangers.