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The Psychology of ParkingScience project video


Our behavior is a reflection of our beliefs and on the value systems by which we live. Studies show that how we interact with inanimate objects project our mindset. Examples of this are road rage, hoarding, and addictions. These situations are examples of the inner world being projected to the external world. A driver engaging in road rage is using his car to express frustration. The hoarder is attached to material objects for inner security, and addictions provide an escape from experiencing certain feelings. Someone who is addicted to gambling immerses himself in gambling because the feelings associated with this activity prevent him from experiencing other feelings that point to the root of other problems he may be facing. Reflect on your relationship with the external world. Examples are a - chronically messy room, excessive video game playing or texting, or being over conscientious about the cloths you wear. What do these behaviors say about you?

Questions & Answers

How can the way someone parks reveal his or her personality?

Our behavior and how we perceive the world around us, is a reflection of our inner being.

Make it Your Own

Repeat this experiment using two groups: Those who are frequent mediators and those who do not mediate.

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    Adult supervision is recommended as this science project involves interviewing strangers.