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Persistence and competition: Are they mutually inclusive?Science project video


Is persistence an intrinsic attribute of people who are competitive? Can you be persistent without being competitive? In this experiment, three groups (competitive, non competitive, and a control group) will attempt a difficult task. What level of persistence will each group display in completing the task?


Determine the level of persistence in both competitive and non competitive personalities.

Scientific Terms

Persistence, Competitiveness, Personality


What is the correlation between competitiveness and persistence? Our society often attributes competitiveness to success. We may attribute the achievements of successful businesspeople or athletes to their competitiveness. It would seem to be logical that part of the reason for success comes from the persistence to not give up, which may in turn drive competitiveness. But to assume persistence and competitiveness are mutually inclusive and that only competitive people are persistent could be a mistake. Is it possible that a person can be persistent without being competitive? This science project will provide you with insight to this question.

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