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The effect of wind on plantsScience project video


Is wind good for plants, or can then they survive without it? It is well known that plants need the proper amount of sunlight and water to grow, but what about wind? Do plants need wind to grow? How does wind effect plants? This experiment will provide insight to how wind affects the health of plants.


Determine if wind affects the growth of plants

Scientific Terms

Plants Wind Stomata Environment


The effects of wind on plants depend on the species of the plant. Wind accelerates water loss through the leaves, so wind can result in the plant losing too much water. Transportation refers to the movement of water from inside the plant to the surrounding environment. Water from within the plant exits the plant through stomata, tiny pores in the leaves and enters the atmosphere. Wind accelerates the process of water leaving the plant. In certain habitats where strong winds are common, plants have adapted by evolving structures that minimize water loss. Pine trees, spruce, and other conifers have developed needle like leaves that reduce water loss, while cactus have developed spines that break up the wind?s force. Yet wind plays an important role in pollination by dispersing seeds and strengthening the stems of plants so they become more resistant to the elements.

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