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Project title Is perception affected by sequencing?Science project video
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There have been a number of studies on how differences in magnitude and the sequence in which they are experienced can affect perception. Imagine there are two balls. One of the balls weighs 6 ounces, while the second ball weights 16 ounces. You are told to estimate the weight of each ball. If you first pick up the smaller ball, your estimate will most likely be more accurate than if you picked up the larger ball first. The larger magnitude, be it weight, height, cost, or temperature, will make the smaller magnitude seem proportionally smaller than it actually is. The opposite is true as well. A smaller magnitude will make the larger magnitude appear larger than it is. In this experiment you will demonstrate this phenomenon in experimental conditions. 

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Preparing for experiment: * Weigh both books and record their weight in the data sheet. * Divide the participants into four groups: Groups A, B, C, and D. Conducting experiment: Note: Each participant within a group will be tested separately. No interactions between participants are necessary. 1. Group A: Have participants hold the smaller book and estimate its weight. Next, have the participant do the same with the larger book. Record the participants' responses in the data sheet. 2. Group B: Have participants hold the larger book and estimate its weight. Have the participant do the same with the .....
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