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Greenhouses are used throughout the world to facilitate plant growth in difficult climates and provide a sheltered, controlled environment for gardening and farming. This project will help you examine the benefits of growing a plant inside of a greenhouse instead of simply planting it in the soil outside.


Which plant will grow larger during our 1-2 week growth period: The one in the greenhouse, or the one without protection?


You will be able to explain the benefits of using a greenhouse to grow plants.

Scientific Terms

Greenhouse, Insects, Disease, Pesticides, Toxins


You may have heard of a greenhouse before ? a clear structure covered with plastic or glass that insulates plants from the elements. You might not know the benefits of a greenhouse, however. This experiment will help you understand more about the construction and use of greenhouses.

There are many positive reasons to use a greenhouse. The temperature inside the greenhouse is easier to control. Greenhouses also protect plants from insects and diseases that could cause them to die. Further, we use greenhouses to grow beautiful plants in the winter, even when it is snowy and cold outside!

Environmentally responsible farmers use greenhouses to avoid applying pesticides and other toxins to their plants. This is because they can grow produce at any time of year inside a greenhouse without using dangerous chemicals. In other words, using a greenhouse helps farmers control the environment in which their fruits and vegetables are grown, which is good news for our health!

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    Time required:
    About an hour to set up, observations every 2 days and a wrap-up at the end of the growth period.
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