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The effect of exercise on memoryScience project video


It is known that students who exercise tend to achieve better academic results than those who are sedentary. Exercise can even improve your memory in the short term; that is, if you exercise shortly before an exam, you might be able to remember more information and get a better score. In this science project, by performing memory tests using everyday objects, you will examine whether exercise really helps you remember information. Those tests will be administered both before and after exercise.


Students will have better memory performance after they perform various types of exercise.


To research the relationship between cognitive abilities and physical exercise.

Scientific Terms

Exercise science, Memory


Did you know that recent scientific studies show that kids who are physically active - those that play sports or run around during recess ? learn more in class? That's right, kids who are physically fit are more likely to remember information they learn while in school.

Interestingly, your size has very little to do with your academic achievement - it is really your fitness level that matters. That is, if you can run a mile, you might be better equipped to learn English or Math when compared to your classmate who cannot run a mile.

Today, we are going to apply some exercise science to test the hypothesis that active kids retain information more effectively than those who do not exercise. Even if you are not an athlete, you may be able to benefit from the effect that exercise has on your brain!

We will see whether students who exercise or read books are more likely to perform well in a memory test.

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    Complexity level:
    Project cost ($):
    Time required:
    1 hour required for set-up, 90 minutes required to collect data, 1 hour to analyze, cleanup and discuss.
    Material availability:
    You will need to involve a group of participants of the same age. For example, you could have a classroom of students participate.
    Safety concerns:

    You should exercise caution while performing the physical tasks to avoid injury.