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Project title The Relationship between Salinity and TemperatureScience project video
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The salinity of the world's seas and oceans varies due to a number for factors including temperature and water depth. In this science fair project, you will explore how salinity is affected by temperature, to understand why salinity varies throughout the world's oceans. 

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*Prepare three large jars or beakers with water and label the jars A, B, and C. Dissolve enough salt in the water of each jar until the hydrometer indicates a salinity of 1.024-1.025 (This measurement refers to the gravity or relative density of the water, a measure of the water's density. Some hydrometers have a corresponding salinity measurement, which should be 28-35 ppt. Both are equivalent measurements, and you may use either one. *Record the salinity of the water in each jar, on a sheet of paper. *Set jar A in a safe place and let it sit for .....
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