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Are boys better than girls at following instructions?Science project video


To what extent do the brains of males and females differ? Are there gender differences in the ability to perform certain tasks? Research appears to indicate that cognitive abilities may in fact differ between the sexes. In this science fair project, you will evaluate the differences in cognitive abilities between genders, by having participants of both genders read and follow a list of instructions.


The objective of this experiment is to ascertain if there are differences in the ability to follow instructions, between genders.

Scientific Terms

gender difference, gross motor skills, fine motor skills


Studies suggest that the brains of males and females are different. Males are thought to have better gross motor skills than females, while females are better at fine motor skills. In spatial tasks, males fare better, while females do better in visual tasks. When asked to do something, some studies indicate that females seem to prefer being told what to do, while males prefer to be shown what to do. When completing tasks, studies seem to show that females tend to look for the most efficient way, while males tend to be guided less by thought. These differences may not be entirely physiological as they may be the result of societal stereotypes. Motor skills are an example of this. From a young age, boys are encouraged to be involved in sports (gross motor skills), while girls are encouraged to read, write, talk, and participate in art and craft (fine motor skills). These findings are generalizations and not individual-specific; also, without knowing the details of these studies, it would be a mistake to assume that all ages and cultures conform with these research findings. This experiment will help you make your own conclusions regarding these differences.

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