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  1. Create a survey sheet that you will use for this middle school science experiment. See the example provided for ideas. You can use the color chart in the bibliography section for ideas of colors to use in the survey, or to identify the names of colors that you are not familiar with.
  2. Find a busy street where you can observe passing cars.
  3. Take a survey of the car colors. The cars can be parked or in motion. You may want to do this over a period of several days to get a large enough sample size (30 or more cars would be a good sample size).
  4. Do a second survey on the color of cloths that students and others wear, following the same procedure you used for the cars.
  5. If the item of clothing has more than one color, choose the most dominant color.
  6. Now do a third survey of people's favorite colors. Ask 30 people what their favorite color is.
  7. Next, tabulate the data from all three surveys and enter it into data sheet.
  8. Subtract row A from row B and enter the difference in row C. The column with the smallest number in row C shows the greatest agreement between favorite colors and the colors of cars and cloths.
  9. How does data from the car and cloths surveys compare with the results from the favorite color survey? Is the color most commonly seen in cars and cloths the same as people's favorite color?

Color Survey Data Sheet








Car color

Cloths color

Row A

Total tabulation per color for cars and cloths

Favorite color

Male (optional)

Female (optional)

Row B

Total tabulation per color for favorite color

Row C

Row A-Row B

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