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1. How is lung capacity related to VO2 max?

2. What other benefits do you get when you exercise other than improved lung capacity?

3. Did any of your volunteers not have the greatest lung capacity even though they were the most fit (exercised regularly and intensely)? Why do you think that may be?

Questions & Answers

What does the amount of water displaced tell us about a person's lung capacity?

The amount of water displaced is equal to lung capacity.

How does having a greater lung capacity benefit you?

A greater lung capacity means you are more fit. That is because greater lung capacity means the body is more efficient at delivering muscles oxygen necessary to function during exercise. This relates to VO2 max. The greater one's VO2 max, the greater their lung capacity, the better one can perform during exercise.

Make it Your Own

In this science project, you compared fitness levels to lung capacity. You may also consider:

  • comparing lung capacity to age. Do children, teenagers, middle age adults or seniors (over 65) have the best lung capacity?
  • comparing lung capacity to gender. Do men or women on average have greater lung capacity?


Sulzer, Jesse (ND). Aerobics and Lung Capacity. Healthy Living. Retrieved December 14, 2013 from

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