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Project title Can You Taste With a Plugged Nose? How Smell Affects TasteFeatured science projectScience project video
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Have you ever had a cold and your nose was so stuffy that you food just didn't taste the same? Your sense of smell and your sense of taste are closely related. In this science project, you'll investigate how the two senses work together to help you taste different flavors. Three other volunteer "tasters" will sample various baby foods, fruits, vegetables and meat, while blind folded with their nose plugged. The taster will be asked if they can tell what type of baby food they tasted. They will then see if they can identify the food without their nose plugged, but still blindfolded. 

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1. Ask your volunteer "taster" if they have any food allergies and if they mind being blindfolded. Modify as necessary. 2. Keep all baby food samples hidden from view of the tasters. Loosen the lids prior to beginning, but do not remove the lids until the volunteer has their nose plugged. 3. Blind fold the volunteer with the bandana (or ask them to keep their eyes shut) and place nose plugs on their nose (or have them plug their nose by pinching it with their fingers). Tell the volunteer they need to remain blind folded with their nose plugged .....
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