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Do red cars get stopped more often than cars of other colors? Do red cars appear to go faster than other cars? It seems to be common sense, that the color red attracts more attention than other colors. However, do red objects actually appear to move more quickly than objects of duller colors? This is the subject of this fascinating, yet easy high school science project.


Determine if moving objects that are red in color, appear to move more quickly than objects of duller colors.

Scientific Terms

speed, perception


Have you ever considered how we are influenced by color? The color red is used in traffic lights and stop signs. Marketing and advertising frequently use the color red, to draw our attention. Colors also affect our emotions. Bold colors may affect us differently than more soothing colors like blue, green, or earthy colors. Can colors distort our sense of time or perception? In this science project you will determine if the speed of a red paper airplane is perceived differently from that of a white paper airplane. Refer to the resources below for additional information.

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