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Project title Convection and salinity: How does salinity affect the movement of water?Featured science projectScience project video
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Convection is the phenomena characterized by the movement of molecules in gases and liquids. Heat causes molecules to be active, while cooler temperatures result in less activity. Convection can be observed in volcanoes, in the ocean, in cooking, in heating your home and even in decorative lava lamps. In this science fair project you will observe how the addition of salt to water effects convection. 

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*Place the two beakers or jars on the hot plates, side by side. *Fill both containers half-way with water. *In the second jar, add salt to the water and stir until all the salt is dissolved. Keep adding salt until you see grains of salt at the bottom of the glass that do not dissolve despite your stirring. *Add food coloring to thenwater and mix thoroughly. *Pour liquid soap into both containers, enough to raise the total fluid level to three quarters of the containers' volume. *Turn on the hot plates to a low heat setting and observe what .....
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