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There is an assumption that the more information you have, the better the decision you can make. However, is this necessarily true all of the time? Research suggests that we sometimes over-think, leading to our making decisions that in fact go against what our intuition tells us. In this unique science fair project, you will observe how participants make a decision. One group will be provided with an expert opinion before making a decision, while the second group will be given the same information; however, they will have to justify their final decision. 

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Group A *Test the participants in each group separately. *Tell them that this is a taste test and that they should taste all samples of the product before choosing the one they prefer. *Upon making their decision, record their selection on the data sheet under column Group A. Repeat this process with all participants within the group. Group B *Repeat the same procedures as in group A, except that you will add one more dimension to the behavioral science experiment. Before the participants begin the taste test, tell them that one brand has received the highest ratings in a .....
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