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Lesson Plan #:AELP-MET0025


The El Nino Effect Using the Internet

An Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plan


Submitted By: Libby Clabo
Endorsed By: P. Sean Smith, Ph.D., Berea College, Berea Ky<

Date: January 31, 1998


Students identify, analyze, and use patterns such as cycles and trends to understand past and present events and predict possible future events. Students identify and analyze systems and the ways their components work together or affect each other.

Grade Level(s): 4


    • Science/Meteorology
    • Science/Technology


This lesson is a good one for students to have a better understanding for their environment.  It is important for students to have an understanding for the things around them. El Nino effects us every 3-5 years and that will definitely be in the students life time. It is important for students to know about the weather patterns and how they are effected by the El Nino effect. Through doing this lesson the students will have a better understanding of why every so often it is warmer in December through January than it is compared to other winter months. This lesson will allow the students to get familiar with the El Nino effect and learn more about it.

Learner outcomes for the lesson

 After this lesson, students will
* be more knowledgeable about the El Nino effect
* use information that they find and write a story over it
* use the internet


1. Have students log on to one or more of these site on the El Nino effect:

2. Have students to find some interesting things that they want to bring to the classes attention on the El Nino effect.

3. Discuss with the children why the El Nino effects occurs and ask them if they think there is anything that they can do to stop it from happening.

4. Have the students write a story about how they think they could stop the El Nino effect.


Have students see if they can browse the web and find some more sites on the El Nino effect.


I would assess the children by reading the stories that they wrote and seeing if they used the information that they found on the net to come up with their story of how they would end the El Nino effect. Through writing the story they are having fun with the information that they found by being creative. I can assess them in this way by seeing how well they put this information into their story. I would also assess them by having them present information to the whole class about what they found on the net. By doing this I would know how much information they obtained through doing their internet searching.


Internet access and access to a program similar to Microsoft word if not available.

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