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Megan Derrick

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects polyacrylamide or polyacrylate could halt erosion. I believe that polyacrylate will halt erosion the best because there is evidence that polyacrylate has halted erosion.

First, all eleven trays were filled with 227.25 grams of dirt. Then one, two, three, four, and five grams of polyacrylamide and poltacrylate were measured out. Next, one gram of polyacrylamide was put in a tray, two in next and so. The same procedure was done for polyacrylate. Once the polyacrylate and polyacrylamide were put in each of eleven trays, it was spread out evenly. The trays were placed on a box so that they would be at an angle. Each for five days, 100mL of water was run through each of the eleven trays. Finally, the amount of erosion in each cup was measured.

The results were five grams of polyacrylamide had no erosion, four grams had one gram, three grams had one and twenty-three hundredths, two grams had one and eighty- three hundredths, and one gram had fourteen and seventy-three hundredths grams of erosion. The results for polyacrylate were five grams had no erosion, four grams had three hundredths, three grams had five hundredths, two grams had fifty-six hundredths, and one gram had nine and twenty-seven hundredths grams of erosion. The tray with no polymers had thirty-five and fifty-eight hundredths grams of erosion.

The conclusion that can be gathered from this experiment is that polyacrylate is better for erosion control.

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