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Amos Fulks

The purpose of this experiment is to examine how differences in surfaces affect the adhesion of several brands of tape. This experiment will show which brand of tape works the best, and on which type of surface they stick to the best. Based on information known, the tape will stick better to the dryer surfaces, and the less slippery.

The experiment was done with several types of tape. A piece of string was tied to some tape and placed onto a flat surface. The other end of the string was tied to a paper clip . Washers were added to the clip until the tape was pulled up. This process was repeated with the other tapes, and the data was recorded. After the tape was removed, the washers were placed onto a scale and weighed to see how much the tape would hold.

Tape A held the longest. It was the strongest and most adhesive. It worked better than all of the other tapes chosen for the project.

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