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Laura Buzhardt

The purpose of this experiment was to find the vitamin that prevents antioxidants most efficiently. It is predicted that Vitamin C will be the best preventive vitamin against antioxidants. This will allow the seeds to grow.

First, 15 petri dishes were lined with filter paper. Then, they were put into five groups of three, and two groups acted as the controls. Each of the three groups was saturated with the RDA of a vitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or Beta Carotene, and the fourth group was saturated with water, and the fifth with hydrogen peroxide. Finally, each petri dish was filled with 150 cherry belle radish seeds, and saturated with five mL of hydrogen peroxide. All the groups were placed under a growing light and the seed germination was recorded.

The result of the experiment proved that Beta Carotene was the best preventive vitamin against antioxidants. Water germinated 211 seeds, with a percentage of 70%. Hydrogen Peroxide germinated 256 seeds, with a percentage of 85%. Beta Carotene germinated 141 seeds, with a percentage of 47%. Vitamin E germinated 82 seeds, with a percentage of 27%. And finally, Vitamin C germinated 37 seeds, with a percentage of 12%.

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