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Jessica Bodie

This project was performed to determine how different concentrations of salt water effect plants. The test that will be performed will prove which concentration will have the worst effect. The hypothesis is that by measuring the plants growth each day, the largest concentration of salt will harm the plants the most.

First, the plants were purchased and the water was prepared with the salt concentrations. Second, the plants were watered each day with the different concentrations of salt. Third, the plants' growth were observed and recorded each day for approximately 15 days.

A concentration of salt previously exists in soil. When the salt water concentration was added, the concentration of salt in the soil increased, therefore harming the growth of the plants. In comparing the results after an average was calculated from each concentration of salt, it was determined that the 8 and 6 ounce salt water concentrations harmed the plant growth the most. The water did not harm the growth and showed no visual effects on the plants. The experiment could have gone wrong in several ways. When the salt was measured for the salt water concentration, the measurements could have varied. When the plants were watered each day, the measurements could have varied If this project was to repeated, the period of time should be extended so that the plants can be grown from seeds. Another experiment might be the effect of man-made salt water and ocean water on plants.

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