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Effect of practising yoga on blood pressure
This experiment was performed to find out how practising yoga might affect the blood pressure of a person. The experiment was done by comparing persons practising yoga for 1 week and persons watching television during the same period of time
Difficulty: High school
Effect of smoking on the sense of smell
This science fair project was conducted to study the effect of smoking habits on a person's sense of smell. The science project experiment involved the participation of smokers and non-smokers using 10 different types of scents, at 3 different levels of concentration.
Difficulty: Middle school
Effectiveness of nasal dilators in preventing snoring
This science fair project was done to find out the effectiveness of using a nasal dilator in stopping the snoring of the participants. The experiment was conducted by video recording the participants sleeping with and without nasal dilators.
Difficulty: Middle school
Examining the effect of age on hand-eye coordination
Do adults have better hand-eye coordination than teenagers? If so, a basketball player should get better as he ages! The objective of this science fair project is to determine the effect of age on hand-eye coordination. The experiment will involve participants 15 and 30 year of age, and their hand-eye coordination will be tested using computer games.
Difficulty: Middle school
Examining the relationship between lung capacity and age
The objective of this science fair project is to determine whether a person’s lung capacity is affected by his or her age. The experiment will involve male and female participants from five age groups.
Difficulty: Middle school
How does body mass index affect the cardiovascular system?
The people with a higher body mass index who do not exercise regularly will have a higher pulse because of the higher strain on their heart because their heart is not used to the excessive amount of exercise.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How does sleep affect your body's functioning?
How important is sleep? Sleep is proven to benefit both physical and mental functions. Our bodies are influenced by an internal clock, or circadian rhythm, that regulates both activity and sleep. Does sleep therefore affect our vital signs? This is the purpose of this science fair project - in which you will have your temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, and blood pressure monitored while yo
Influence of color on blood pressure
This experiment was performed to find out how different colors affect the blood pressure of a person.
Difficulty: Middle school
Is there a correlation between a person's looks and friendliness?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of physical appearance on personal approachability. We hypothesized that physical appearance would affect people's perceptions of each other and impact their choice of friends, preferred students and potential employees.
Difficulty: Middle school
Isotonic drinks and long-distance runners
This science fair project was done to investigate the effect of isotonic drinks on the performance of long-distance athletes.
Difficulty: High school
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