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Music and blood pressure
Music has been proven scientifically to have beneficial effects both mentally and physically. Music has shown to reduce blood pressure, change heart and respiration rate, relieve stress and muscle tension. Do different styles of music affect blood pressure in different ways? Which music works best in reducing blood pressure? This is the purpose of this experiment.
Nail polish durability
This science fair project was conducted to compare the durability of different types of nail polish. The tests were done on ordinary nail polish, long-lasting nail polish (most salon quality nail polishes are long lasting - avoid the quick dry types), and Teflon-infused nail polish.
Difficulty: Middle school
Radiation from cell phones
This science fair project was conducted to determine if cell phones radiate enough energy to increase the temperature of water in test tubes. The tests were done using various cell phones - Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.
Difficulty: High school
Sleep and academic performance
This survey was done to find out the relationship between the number of hours a student sleeps in a day and his performance at school, school attendance, extracurricular activities, non-school activities and overall health.
Difficulty: High school
Staining of teeth by beverages
This science fair project was performed to compare the amount of stains left on our teeth by the beverages we drink. The tests were done by comparing the effects of coffee, tea, grape juice, red wine and Coca-Cola, when exposed to tooth enamel.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The Effects of Antibiotics on Bacterial Growth
The purpose of this experiment was to determine how well various antibiotics would destroy bacteria. The information gained from this experiment would allow the medical society to know which antibiotic kills bacteria best.
Difficulty: Middle school
The effects of jet lag
This science fair project was conducted to find out how jet lag affects behavior patterns. The science project involved hamsters exercising on a wheel.
Difficulty: High school
The role of stress on memory
Ever forget someone?s name? Despite your efforts to remember the name, you come up blank. Only when you stopped trying, the name comes back to you. In this science fair project, you will evaluate how stress affects our memory.
Tick-tock, Biological clocks!
This science fair project was conducted to find out how the biological clocks of singles and couples adjust to changes in the environment. The science experiment involved shifting daylight hours for single hamsters and paired hamsters.
Difficulty: Middle school
Waterless urinals and hygiene
This science fair project was done to determine if waterless urinals are more hygienic compared to the conventional water-based urinals. The experiment was done by taking bacteria samples from waterless urinals and water-based urinals to compare for variances in bacteria growth.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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