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Effect of temperature on solubility
This experiment was performed to find out how temperature affects the solubility of various substances in water. The tests were done using salt, sugar and sodium bicarbonate at different temperatures.
Difficulty: Middle school
This science fair project was done to investigate the effect of increasing DC voltage and the concentration of electrolyte salt on the rate of production of hydrogen gas during the process of electrolysis.
Difficulty: High school
How do differences in surfaces affect the adhesion of tape?
The purpose of this experiment is to examine how differences in surfaces affect the adhesion of several brands of tape. This experiment will show which brand of tape works the best, and on which type of surface they stick to the best. Based on information known, the tape will stick better to the dryer surfaces, and the less slippery.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How does the PH level of rainwater differ from one place to another?
What is the pH of rain in your area? Students take pH measurements for rain in their neighborhood and compare it with other students' findings. This activity is best when conducted over several weeks during a rainy time of year.
Difficulty: Middle school
How to grow your own crystal garden
Crystals are not alive, but they can grow. Growing crystals requires a little time and patience. If you have both (plus a few other ingredients), you can grow your own crystal gardens.
Difficulty: Middle school
In Which Temperature Do Crystals Grow Best?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if temperature affects the mass of crystal growth. I became interested in this idea because I have my own crystal growing kit at home, and I would like to observe which temperature they grow largest in. The information gained from this experiment could aid scientists in growing larger crystals, as well as manufacturers who are interested in growing
Difficulty: Middle school
Is soil a type of electrical system?
This very interesting experiment will help you prove whether soil functions as an electrical system.
Difficulty: High school
Is the burning of trash a viable alternative to land-fills?
In this experiment I plan to prove that burning trash is a good alternative to landfills. Burning trash takes up less space and creates less pollution. The danger of the overfilling of landfills prompted my research. Burning trash creates less pollution and takes up less space.
Difficulty: Middle school
Natural insect repellant
This science fair project was done to compare the effectiveness of using a natural versus synthetic mosquito repellant. The science project experiment involved lemon grass oil and DEET (Diethylmetatoluamide) mosquito repellent spray.
Difficulty: High school
Recycled water and plant growth
This science fair project was performed to examine how watering plants with recycled water affects their rate of growth. The experiment involved watering radish plants with distilled water, tap water and recycled water.
Difficulty: High school
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