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wanted to find out how much food would stick to cookware using different brands of cooking spray. My hypothesis stated that name brand cooking spray would work the best, supermarket brands would be a close comparison, and that any amount of spray would work better than none at all.
Difficulty: Middle school
In this experiment, we examine different methods of purifying water including distillation, filtration and reverse osmosis
Difficulty: High school
What is the pH of rain in your area? Students take pH measurements for rain in their neighborhood and compare it with other students' findings. This activity is best when conducted over several weeks during a rainy time of year.
Difficulty: Middle school
Seashells are the hard, outer coverings that mollusks produce, in order to protect themselves from predators; it also serves as a form of shelter form the elements. Seashells come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors; however, they all are created from the same material - calcium carbonate. In this science fair project, you will investigate how seashells, and other objects containing calci
The salinity of the world's seas and oceans varies due to a number for factors including temperature and water depth. In this science fair project, you will explore how salinity is affected by temperature, to understand why salinity varies throughout the world's oceans.
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects polyacrylamide or polyacrylate could halt erosion. I believe that polyacrylate will halt erosion the best because there is evidence that polyacrylate has halted erosion.
Difficulty: Middle school
In this experiment I plan to prove that burning trash is a good alternative to landfills. Burning trash takes up less space and creates less pollution. The danger of the overfilling of landfills prompted my research. Burning trash creates less pollution and takes up less space.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment is to examine how differences in surfaces affect the adhesion of several brands of tape. This experiment will show which brand of tape works the best, and on which type of surface they stick to the best. Based on information known, the tape will stick better to the dryer surfaces, and the less slippery.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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