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Do groups of people have different blood pressure readings?
Blood pressure varies relative to heart's pumping of blood. The heart should be thought of as a dual pump, with a right and left side. Systole represents the active pumping of blood from the ventricles into the circulation. The right side of the heart takes venous/returning blood from the body and sends it to the lungs to be oxygenated (pulmonary circulation). Measuring blood pressures on the righ
Difficulty: Middle school
Do people from different backgrounds have different lung capacities?
Students in the primary and intermediate grades will: 1. Recognize that breathing is a necessary, automatic life process; 2. Observe and record data on respiration rate; 3. demonstrate how air enters and leaves the lungs; 4. Observe how respiratory rate changes with different activities; 5. Use counting as a means of gathering data.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do singers have a larger lung capacity than non-singers?
This experiment was done to find out if the members of a choir group have a bigger lung capacity than non-singers of the same age group.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do you have a blind spot and if so, how can you determine your blind spot?
One of the most dramatic experiments to perform is the demonstration of the blind spot. The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light. Therefore an image that falls on this region will NOT be seen. It is in this region that the optic nerve exits the eye on its way to the brain. To find your blind spot, look at the image below or draw it on a piece of paper:
Difficulty: Elementary school
Does caffeine raise a person's blood pressure?
My hypothesis is that when caffeine is consumed in large amounts it will increase the blood pressure.
Difficulty: Middle school
Does jet-lag affect the performance of professional athletes?
While reading National Geographic, an article was came upon that prompted research to understand more about jet lag effecting professional sports (baseball). East coast teams have better winning percentages than the West coast teams when traveling across three time zones. By learning more about jet lag and the effect it has on professional sports players (baseball), then and only then is the achie
Difficulty: Elementary school
Does the body become cooler more quickly with the help of a fan? If so, why?
The purpose of this experiment is to determine if fans really cool the body and its temperature. Fans help to circulate the air and sweep away moisture. The fan does not cool the body temperature, just the body(it regulates the body temperature).
Difficulty: Elementary school
Effect of carbonated drinks on the erosion of tooth enamel
This science fair project was performed to find out if carbonated soft drinks can really cause the erosion of tooth enamel. Testing was done by immersing teeth in Coke, Sprite and root beer for a few days
Difficulty: Elementary school
Gender differences and lung capacity
During the breathing cycle, air is inhaled, distributed throughout the lungs, and then exhaled. Lung volume includes a group of measures that quantify the amount of air that is inhaled or exhaled during both normal breathing and forceful breathing. In this experiment, you will be working with two of these measurements: Tidal Volume (TV): volume of air inhaled or exhaled during under normal breathi
Gender differences and olfactory perception
Who has a better sense of smell, males or females? Though there have been studies attempting to answer this question, findings have not been conclusive. This science fair project involves testing blindfolded participants of both genders for their ability to identify the scents of various food items, rate the intensity of the smell and its favorability.
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