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What is the cause of today's problems in the ozone layer?
Ozone is just the right size and shape to absorb energy from the sun that can be dangerous. The ozone forms a layer that absorbs some of the sun's energy. That layer protects us.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is the effect of different types of fluids on our kidneys?
The purpose of this experiment is to show the kidneys ability to alter the output of urine in response to the ingestion of different liquids such as tap water, isotonic saline (gatorade or any other sport drink), and coffee. Various fluids affect the kidney in different ways. My hypothesis states that coffee will cause the kidneys to excrete urine more frequently than the other fluids consumed in
Difficulty: High school
What is the effect of music beat on a kid's blood pressure?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine how two different tempos of music would effect 6th grade boys' blood pressure.
Difficulty: Middle school
What types of alcohol have a greater dehydrating effect on our bodies?
The purpose of this experiment was to find which alcohol dehydrates an orange more. In turn this was supposed to give me an idea of which one would dehydrate a persons' body more. I believe that the higher the proof of alcohol, the higher the dehydration rate will be.
Difficulty: Middle school
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