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Ozone is just the right size and shape to absorb energy from the sun that can be dangerous. The ozone forms a layer that absorbs some of the sun's energy. That layer protects us.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Visible light has been proven to have a direct effect on both our physical health and emotional well-being; however, recent studies are discovering how specific light spectrums affect us. In this science fair project, you will test how blue light affects the emotional well-being of participants.
Our attraction to others may be rooted more in math than in a beautiful smile or pretty eyes. The Golden Ratio is a theory based on the ratio of dimensions of facial features in relation to the dimensions of the face. In this science fair project, you will determine the effects of the Golden Ratio by having participants view photographs of faces and rate their attractiveness.
How well can you tell the emotional state of another person just by looking at their facial expressions? You may be surprised to find it more difficult than expected, in particular for some emotions such as surprise or fear. In this science project, you will have participants view photographs of people with a variety of facial expressions and have them identify the emotion they are conveying.
The purpose of this experiment is to show the kidneys ability to alter the output of urine in response to the ingestion of different liquids such as tap water, isotonic saline (gatorade or any other sport drink), and coffee. Various fluids affect the kidney in different ways. My hypothesis states that coffee will cause the kidneys to excrete urine more frequently than the other fluids consumed in
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment was to find which alcohol dehydrates an orange more. In turn this was supposed to give me an idea of which one would dehydrate a persons' body more. I believe that the higher the proof of alcohol, the higher the dehydration rate will be.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment is to find out which high energy foods, such as orange juice, affect the blood sugar levels in a person; the amount it affects them plus the time it affects them. The hypothesis of this experiment is that the blood sugar will rise to its highest level in an half hours time and back to normal by one full hours.
Difficulty: Elementary school
While reading National Geographic, an article was came upon that prompted research to understand more about jet lag effecting professional sports (baseball). East coast teams have better winning percentages than the West coast teams when traveling across three time zones. By learning more about jet lag and the effect it has on professional sports players (baseball), then and only then is the achie
Difficulty: Elementary school
I predict that wood stove users catch respiratory illnesses easier that gas heat or heat pump users. My curiosity in how respiratory illnesses are developed and what helps them get started inspired me to do this project. By doing this project, I hope to help respiratory illnesses sufferers resolve their chronic illnesses.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment is to determine if fans really cool the body and its temperature. Fans help to circulate the air and sweep away moisture. The fan does not cool the body temperature, just the body(it regulates the body temperature).
Difficulty: Elementary school
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