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How to remove the colors of a green leave using chromatography
Since leaves do not have the materials they need to survive in the winter and fall, their leaves die and loose the green color.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Ionizing radiation and plant growth
This science fair project was performed to examine the effect of ionizing radiation on plant growth. The testing was done by exposing the seeds of green beans to X-ray radiation for different lengths of time.
Difficulty: Middle school
Is it more effective to sprout seeds in jars rather than in cloth?
Is it more effective to sprout seeds in jars rather than in cloth?
Difficulty: Elementary school
Pavlovian conditioning in plants
This science fair project was performed to ascertain if Pavlovian conditioning works in plants. The The science project experiment involved the Mimosa Pudica plant.
Difficulty: High school
Pea Disease Of Central Washington
PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to determine how diseases effect pea plants, and what disease is most common. I became interested in this idea because I wanted a project that related to where I live, and I wanted to find out more about my dad’s work at Del Monte and what goes on there. Pea growers can use the information gained from this experiment so that they know what soi
Difficulty: Middle school
Plant density and rate of growth
This experiment was conducted to find out how planting more plants in the same pot will affect their rate of growth. The experiment was done using garlic chives.
Difficulty: Middle school
Plantfairies and plantmonsters: Adventures in Mendelian genetics
In this science project, you are going to explore advanced concepts in Mendelian genetics. Our "research scientists" have genetically engineered a plant, called "plantfairies", to control insect pests. But something went wrong with our experiment, resulting in a mutant form (called plantmonsters) that are dangerous to humans. You are going to help our research team by identifying the genotypes of
Soil types and water retention
This science fair project was conducted to find out the amount of water retained by different types of soils. The science project was performed using sand, clay and silt soil.
Difficulty: Middle school
Stoma density and pollution
This science fair project was conducted to determine the effect of pollution on the stomata density of coniferous trees. The science fair project was done using samples of pine tree leaves from 3 locations with different levels of traffic flow.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Stoma density and water loss
This science fair project was conducted to compare the relationship between stoma density and loss of water through transpiration. The experiment was performed with large leaves from the elephant ear plant, the money plant (medium size leaves) and ivy (small leaves).
Difficulty: Middle school
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