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This science fair project was conducted to observe how adding salt to water and increasing its temperature can affect the surface tension of water. The experiment was done by adding grains of rice to a piece of aluminum foil floating on...
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This page presents a "basement science" experiment which reveals the universality of gravitation by demonstrating the gravitational attraction between palpable objects on the human scale. The experiment deliberately uses only the crudest...
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My first hypothesis is that the closer the blade is to 45 degrees the more electricity the windmill will...
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An Antibubble is similar to a bubble, but the roles of the water and the air are reversed. This experiment shows you the characteristics of an...
Intermediate 4
The purpose of this experiment was to determine how much the hydrodynamic shape and mass of an object would affect its velocity when sinking through water. ...
Beginner 1
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of damping in a shock absorber when the piston has different numbers and different size of holes, but keeping the total area of the holes...
Advanced 7
In a famous demonstration, Galileo supposedly dropped a heavy weight and a light weight from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to show that both weights fall at the same acceleration. Actually, this rule is true only if there is no air...
Beginner 1
A ball stably levitated on an invisible stream of air is a dramatic sight. When you try to pull the ball out of the airstream, you can feel a force pulling it back in. You can alsofeel that the airstream is being deflected by the ball....
Beginner 1
In this activity, students construct a balloon-powered rocket car that rolls across the floor because air is forced to escape through a...
Beginner 1
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of arrow mass on its penetrating distance....
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