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Effect of temperature on viscosity
This science fair project was conducted to find out how the temperature of a fluid affects its viscosity. The testing was done by measuring the viscosity of water, milk and corn oil using a measurement cup at different temperatures.
Difficulty: Middle school
Explain how fibre optics and optics transmitters work and how they can be used in the transmission of signals
Today’s low-loss glass fiber optic cable offers almost unlimited bandwidth and unique advantages over all previously developed transmission media. The basic point-to-point fiber optic transmission system consists of three basic elements: the optical transmitter, the fiber optic cable and the optical receiver.
Difficulty: High school
How can we bend light?
This experiments demonstrates how we can bend light using simple tools.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How can we separate and detect infrared light?
In the year 1800, Sir William Herschel discovered the existence of infrared by performing an experiment very similar to the one we show here. Herschel passed sunlight through a prism. As sunlight passes through the prism, the prism divides it into a rainbow of colors called a spectrum. A spectrum contains all of the colors which make up sunlight. Herschel was interested in measuring the amount of
Difficulty: High school
How do temperature changes affect a tuning fork's frequency?
This experiment was conducted to find out how the resonant frequency generated by a tuning fork will change at different temperatures.
Difficulty: High school
How does the size of a speaker affect its frequency response
This experiment was done to investigate how the frequency response of a speaker will change using different sizes of enclosure.
Difficulty: High school
How effective are automobile sunshades
This science fair project was conducted to compare the effectiveness of different types of sunshades in reducing the temperature inside a car. The tests were done without a sunshade, with a reflective sunshade made from plastic air bubble insulating material, and a reflective foam sunshade.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How to create a hand drawn hologram
This interesting eperiment shows you how to make your own hand-drawn hologram
Difficulty: High school
How to make a glass sphere microscope
Events happen in nature in many dimensions. Most of them pass unnoticed by observation because their scale is too big or too small. In fact, we would have to be giants, to follow the path of clouds over continents! And who knows how big we should be, to be able to contemplate the majestic rotations of our galaxy! On the contrary, if we were as small as an ant, we could see the amazing miniature wo
Difficulty: High school
Illustrate and explain the Doppler effect
This animated site illustrates and explains the Doppler effect.
Difficulty: High school
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