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Science Fair Project Coach

Welcome to our science fair project coach! If you're feeling stressed about your science fair project, no worries, because we're here to guide you through every step.

In this guide, we'll cover the basics of science fairs, including how to find a science fair project, how to do a science fair project, and a guide to creating an impressive science fair poster. Furthermore, we'll go into the scientific method, exploring how it helps design a good experiment to understand the world around us. Additionally, we will explain the engineering design process, which is used in engineering projects to make effective products that solve problems.

Introduction to Science Fair Projects: Finding Your Project & How to Do a Science Fair Project

Discover the advantages of science fair projects, explore different science project types, find a science fair project idea and learn how to do a science fair project.

Guide to Science Fair Posters

Follow our step-by-step guide to design and create an eye-catching poster that effectively displays your science fair project!

Guide to the Scientific Method

Gain an understanding of the 7 steps of the scientific method to understand how nature works, its application in a real-world example, and its historical evolution as a systematic approach to scientific investigation.

Guide to the Engineering Design Process

Learn the 6 steps of the engineering design process to make an effective solution to a problem, an example of the engineering process with the egg drop challenge, engineering challenges and engineering science fair projects!

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