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13 Quick Science Fair Projects You Can Do In A Day

13 Quick Science Fair Projects You Can Do In A Day

Q: Can I do a science fair project in a day?

A: Yes! There are plenty of quick science experiments and projects you can do.

While some science fair projects require a lot of time, such as observing the behavior of a hamster or growing seeds over a few days, science experiments and projects can also be quick! If you're interested in exploring quick experiments or science projects, check out the science fair project ideas below with varying levels of difficulty to choose from.

These are the fast reactions in our Quick chemistry science fair projects!

1) acid-base reactions: mixing acids with bases quickly makes carbon dioxide gas!

2) chromatography reactions: colors can be separated out!

3) heat reactions: heat speeds things up!

Rocket Film Canisters
Make a rocket fly sky high with just baking soda and vinegar!
Make Your Own pH Indicator
Learn how to make your own acid/base indicator using red cabbage and use it to test different fluids!
Testing Antacids
Find out which antacid can neutralize the most acid and get relief from heartburn and gastritis!
Colors of Skittles Experiment
Did you know that some Skittles have a secret rainbow hiding inside them? It's true!
Uncovering Fall Colors
Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Let's find out by using chromatography to separate the colors of a green leaf!
Which Candle Burns the Fastest?
Do different colored candles burn faster? Could this mean we get to sing "Happy Birthday" for a longer time?
Fire-Resistant Balloons
Can a balloon filled with water withstand fire? Find out in this fun science project!
Can Peanuts Heat Water?
Have you ever wondered if peanuts can be used to heat water? Find out in this fun science project!
Solar System Scale Model on the Sidewalk
Create your own solar system model to scale on the sidewalk and take a walk through space!
Create a Hand-Drawn Hologram
Make a hologram with nothing more than a compass and some scraps of plexiglas!
Detecting Infrared Light
Have you ever wondered what kind of light we can't see? In this experiment, you will explore the invisible light called infrared and measure its temperature.
Burn Rate of a Candle
Does the temperature of a room affect how quickly a candle burns? Find out in this science project!
One Minute Spaghetti
Science makes it possible to cook spaghetti in just a minute! Soak it first, then cook in a flash. Save the planet while enjoying your favorite dish!

Science Fair Project FAQ

How do I start a science fair project?

Science fair projects are a fun and unique way to discover science by asking a question and doing a science project. We'll help you find a science fair project idea and guide you through the process of doing and presenting your science fair project with Science Fair Coach's Science Fair Project Guide.

What are some hands-on ways to find inspiration for my science fair project?

Science museums are great places to explore if you're looking for inspiration for your next science fair project or just want to learn more about science. Science museums, natural history museums, space museums, and discovery museums are all great places to do that! You can discover all sorts of interesting things about science and find cool project ideas for science fairs.

There may be free admission days or free passes to a science museum near you! Check your local library for free museum passes, nearby science museums for free entrance days and your credit card for offers.

Find a science museum near you and prepare to be awed by all that you can learn there! I always learn something new and am inspired whenever I go to a science museum!

What should I do after I have a science fair project idea?

If you have a science fair project idea, Science Fair Coach can help you turn it into a full science fair project! Starting at Introduction to Science Fairs, we'll guide you through how to do a science fair project, from designing and conducting your experiment to collecting and analyzing your findings. Then, we'll help you showcase your results on a science fair board with our Guide to Science Fair Posters.

How do I make a science fair board?

Your science fair board is where you show off your science fair project for everyone to see and learn from. With our Guide to Science Fair Posters, you can make sure your science fair board stands out and impresses at the science fair!

What is the scientific method?

The 7 steps of the scientific method helps us understand how nature works. Learn how the scientific method is used in a science fair project example, and how it's evolved through history as scientists used different ways to learn about nature with our Guide to the Scientific Method!

What is the engineering design process?

The 6 steps of the engineering design process helps us design an effective solution to a problem. Learn how to use the engineering design process with the example of the egg drop challenge in our Guide to the Engineering Design Process!

Where can I find a science fair competition?

Science fair competitions are an excellent opportunity to explore science. One of the of the premier science advocacy organizations, the Society for Science, is associated with more than 400 science fair competitions in almost every US state, as well as over 70 other countries, regions, and territories. You can find out if there's a Society of Science affiliated science fair near you!

The www Virtual Library: Science Fairs website also has a collection of science fairs from all over the world, as well as national, state, regional, local, and virtual competitions!

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