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10 Best Science Fair Projects

10 Best Science Fair Projects

Check out our Top 10 Best Science Fair Projects! Finding the best science fair project can be tough, but we've made it easy by selecting the best science project from each category and including its topic. Get inspired by these science projects and create the best science fair project ever! Explore more cool science fair project ideas by grade level at the top of this page.

  1. Jet Lag in Hamsters (circadian rhythm, Biology science fair project)

  2. Egg with Vinegar (acid/base reaction, Chemistry science fair project)

  3. Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment (acceleration, Physics science fair project)

  4. Plant's Favorite Color for Photosynthesis (color for photosynthesis, Botany science fair project)

  5. Color and Taste (color perception, Psychology science fair project)

  6. Does Dog Saliva Kill Bacteria? (antibacterial, Microbiology science fair project)

  7. Decomposing Plastic Spoons (biodegradable materials, Environmental Science science fair project)

  8. Super Hero Egg Shells (structural engineering, Engineering science fair project)

  9. Music Math: Playing Notes with Equations (music, Math science fair project)

  10. Temperature's Effect on Seawater (climate change, Earth Science science fair project)

Jet Lag in Hamsters
Do hamsters suffer from jet lag? Find out if hamsters have a circadian rhythm!
Egg with Vinegar
Explore this fascinating egg experiment with vinegar that makes a bouncy egg! Discover the science of acid and base chemical reactions and protein denaturation!
Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment
Learn how to use Galileo's inclined plane experiment to demonstrate acceleration with a fun and easy science project!
Plant's Favorite Color for Photosynthesis
Do plants have a favorite color for photosynthesis?
Color and Taste
Do you think the color of a beverage affects how it tastes?
Does Dog Saliva Kill Bacteria?
Is it true that a dog's saliva can be a secret weapon against bacteria?
Decomposing Plastic Spoons
Let's find out how quickly biodegradable spoons can decompose in soil!
Super Hero Egg Shells
Learn how arches are used to support heavy things with this fun experiment using egg shells!
Music Math: Playing Notes with Equations
Have you ever wondered how to play music notes with mathematical equations?
Temperature's Effect on Seawater
What happens to seawater when the ocean temperatures rise? Let's explore how temperature affects the pH and salinity of seawater!
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