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56 STEM Projects & Extracurricular STEM Activities for Kids

56 STEM Projects & Extracurricular STEM Activities for Kids

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math! These fields are really important because they help us make new discoveries and solve big problems. STEM activities and projects for kids are fun and engaging ways to learn about these subjects, and can pave the way for future studies and careers in science, technology, engineering and math! Uncover hidden gems and explore the fascinating world of STEM with these exciting projects and extracurricular activities - start discovering today!

STEM Projects for Kids

Explore the wonder and excitement of these STEM projects! Each of these only need a few items you may have at home, so it's an easy and fun way to teach kids about STEM on a rainy day, a weekend afternoon, or even for birthday parties! Moreover, these can serve as a foundation for science fair projects.

Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Balloon-Powered Rocket Car
Build a rocket car that rolls across the floor using air from a balloon!
Electricity from a Lemon
Discover the incredible power of lemons! With lemons and basic materials, you can create an eco-friendly battery that powers an LED light!
Mixing Colors of Light
Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix colors of light? In this project, you will use flashlights and colored plastic sheets to find out!
Make Plastic From Milk
Did you know that milk from the fridge can be transformed into plastic? How cool is that?
How to Make Oobleck: Is it a Liquid or Solid?
This simple Oobleck recipe of cornstarch and water is a fun introduction to the complex science of non-Newtonian fluids!
Magic Milk Experiment
See colors magically move in milk with soap! This fun experiment demonstrates surface tension in a vivid way!
Explosive Elephant Toothpaste
Get ready to create a massive, bubbling tube of toothpaste using only hydrogen peroxide, yeast and dish soap!
Paper Airplane Challenge
Let's see which paper airplane can fly the farthest! Fold, decorate, and launch your own planes to find the winning design.
Make a Parachute
Learn how to make a parachute and experiment with gravity!
Baking Soda Invisible Ink
Write secret messages using baking soda invisible ink and reveal them with grape juice in this cool science project!
Changing the Color of Flowers
Did you know you can change the color of flowers? With this science experiment, you can!
Lemon Juice Invisible Ink
Want to uncover secret messages like a super spy? Learn how to write and reveal messages using lemon juice and a hair dryer!
Jumping Rice Krispies
Make Rice Krispies jump with static electricity!
Baking Soda Volcano
Create a fizzing, bubbling reaction with baking soda and vinegar! Learn about acid-base reactions and have fun while doing it!
Swimming Raisins
Have you ever seen raisins swim? Find out how to make raisins swim with this fun science experiment!
Colors of Skittles Experiment
Did you know that some Skittles have a secret rainbow hiding inside them? It's true!
Camouflage and Hide
Learn how animals hide from predators and make your own moths invisible!
Egg with Vinegar
Explore this fascinating egg experiment with vinegar that makes a bouncy egg! Discover the science of acid and base chemical reactions and protein denaturation!
Sea Shells with Vinegar
Did you know that something interesting happens when you place a sea shell into vinegar? Explore chemical reactions involving acids and bases in this fun experiment!
Light and Dark on Seed Germination
Let's explore how light and dark affect the germination of seeds!
Sparkling Rainbow Crystal
Make your own sparkling rainbow crystals at home with Borax and see science in action!
Rocket Film Canisters
Make a rocket fly sky high with just baking soda and vinegar!
Uncovering Fall Colors
Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Let's find out by using chromatography to separate the colors of a green leaf!
Geode Rock Borax Crystal
Make your own sparkling geode rock crystals at home with Borax and see science in action!
Rock Candy: Sweet Science
Get ready to become a candy-making scientist! Grow your own giant sugar crystals and make rock candy you can eat!
Cloud in a Bottle
With just a few simple steps, creating a cloud in a jar can help us understand the process of cloud formation!
Popping Popcorn
What makes popcorn pop? Find out how to make the perfect popcorn!
Collecting Micrometeorites
Have you ever seen a shooting star? What if you could collect the tiny rocks that make them?
Super Hero Egg Shells
Learn how arches are used to support heavy things with this fun experiment using egg shells!
Growing Mold
What kinds of food does mold grow fastest on?
Chocolate Asphalt
Make your own asphalt pavement with chocolate and other ingredients!
Singing Glass
Make music with water and a glass! Learn how to turn a drinking glass into an instrument.
Levitating Train
Build a train that floats above a pair of magnetic tracks and can be pushed from one end to the other!
The Doppler Effect
Have you ever noticed that sound changes when you move? Find out why with this fun science project!
Dancing Spaghetti
Make spaghetti dance with baking soda and vinegar!
Create a Tornado in a Bottle
Make a powerful vortex with two pop bottles and some simple supplies!
Does Gravity Affect Plant Growth?
Have you ever wondered how plants know which way to grow? Find out by doing this fun experiment!
Water Strider Challenge: Make a Bug Walk on Water!
Can you make a pipe cleaner foil bug walk on water? Find out with this engineering challenge by building your own water strider and exploring the science of surface tension.
Extracting DNA from Onions
Can DNA be taken out of the cell? We'll find out using an onion! (Check out the video where DNA is taken out of strawberries!)
Detecting Infrared Light
Have you ever wondered what kind of light we can't see? In this experiment, you will explore the invisible light called infrared and measure its temperature.
Create a Hand-Drawn Hologram
Make a hologram with nothing more than a compass and some scraps of plexiglas!
Make Your Own pH Indicator
Learn how to make your own acid/base indicator using red cabbage and use it to test different fluids!
Powering Up with Potatoes
Learn how to make a battery from potatoes and measure the voltage and current it produces!
Tooth Decay Experiment With Eggs
Can your favorite drinks harm your teeth? Find out using hard boiled eggs in this science project!
Comparing Bridge Strengths
Let's find out which bridge design can hold the most weight!
Sun Prints: Science Meets Art!
Want to make cool designs using leaves and flowers with sunlight? Explore how the Sun's UV rays affect construction paper while creating beautiful art.
Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch?
Have you ever wondered why apples ripen at the same time? Find out if one bad apple can spoil the bunch in this fun science project!
Exploring Fractals
Discover how to create beautiful shapes and images using simple geometric shapes and mathematical formulae.
Preserving Flowers with Sugar
Do you want to make your flowers last longer? Try adding sugar to the water!
Plant Gas Exchange
Let's find out what side of a plant leaf takes in gases!
Bacteria on Our Hands
Let's explore the microorganisms on our hands and the objects we touch! We'll use agar plates and a microscope to see what we can find.
Is Yeast Alive?
Have you ever wondered if the little brown grains of yeast you buy in the grocery store are alive? Let's find out!
Photosynthesis: Lights Out!
Can plants survive without sunlight? Find out by covering part of a plant's leaves with shapes and observing the effects!
Does Seed Size Affect Germination?
Can the size of a seed affect how fast it grows? Let's find out!
Sprout Success: Soil Temperature Experiment
Can the temperature of the soil affect how fast a seed will sprout? Let's find out!

Extracurricular STEM Activities for Kids

Encourage interest in STEM with these engaging activities that go beyond the classroom. Our top picks for STEM activities are not only fun and exciting, but also help build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Have a STEM Challenge!

To make fun STEM activities for kids even more enjoyable, consider organizing a group STEM activity such as an egg drop challenge, rocket launch competition, bridge-building contest, foil bug floating competition, balloon-powered car race or a paper airplane challenge! By participating in a STEM activity as a group, everyone can see the creativity and problem-solving skills that each person brings to the table, making the experience inspiring and memorable for all. So why not get involved in a STEM challenge today and see what you can achieve together!

Watch a STEM TV Show!

Introducing kids to STEM can be fun and engaging with these kid-friendly TV shows that we loved as children and still enjoy as scientists and engineers. Check out our top picks for shows that incorporate STEM education into entertainment.

  • Ask the StoryBots (TV-Y, all children)

    "Ask the StoryBots" is a children's animated TV series that follows the adventures of five lovable creatures, answering questions submitted by young children, such as "Why do we have to brush our teeth?" and "How do airplanes fly?". Each episode features a new question, and the StoryBots go on an adventure to find the answer, learning important lessons along the way. The show is educational, engaging, and it encourages children to be curious and ask questions about the world.

    Ask the Storybots on Netflix

  • Odd Squad (TV-Y, all children)

    Odd Squad is a math live-action children's series that follows the adventures of a young team of agents who use math skills, deductive reasoning, and teamwork to investigate and solve strange and unusual occurrences in their city.

    Odd Squad episodes (Oddtube) and activities on PBS Kids

  • Square One Television (TV-Y7, 7 years and up)

    Square One is a math show produced by Sesame Street's Children's Television Workshop from 1987-1992 for elementary and middle school students. Each episode includes a mix of game shows, music videos, and commercials. The show concludes with a segment called "Mathnet", which parodies the "Dragnet" police detective TV series. Additionally, a teacher's guide is available for 13 Mathnet cases, including handouts and activities to help kids learn math!

    Archived Youtube Videos: Square One Season 1 - Square One Season 2 - Square One Season 3 - Square One Season 4 - Square One Season 5 - Mathnet

  • BattleBots (TV-PG, 10 years and up)

    BattleBots is a tournament-style competition that features remote-controlled robots battling each other. The contestants' engineering skills are amazing, and the robots they design are incredibly creative! This show is a fun way to get younger kids to adults interested in robotics and engineering. You can even get tickets to see the Battle Bots in action in Las Vegas, Nevada!

    Battlebots broadcasting & tickets

  • Mythbusters (TV-PG, 10 years and up/ for some episodes TV-14, 14 years and up)

    This documentary series features two Hollywood special effects experts investigating urban legends through a series of STEM activities. Each episode is like a big science fair project, often resulting in lively discussions, big explosions, and unexpected outcomes. At the end of each episode, the truth about the urban legend is revealed, making it a fun and educational watch for all ages.

    Mythbusters on TV or streaming

  • The Big Bang Theory (TV-PG, 10 years and up/ for some episodes TV-14, 14 years and up)

    "The Big Bang Theory" is a TV sitcom about the lives and research of Leonard and Sheldon, two physicists, along with their friends Howard, an aerospace engineer, and Raj, an astrophysicist. Fun fact: a UCLA astrophysics professor is the science consultant on the show!

    The Big Bang Theory on TV or streaming

  • Cells at Work (TV-14, 14 years and up)

    A Japanese anime about the immune system. Who would've thought an anime show could teach STEM! You need to see it to believe it! It's fun, exciting, and surprisingly very scientifically accurate.

    Cells at Work on Netflix - Cells at Work on Amazon Prime Video - Cells at Work on Crunchyroll

Visit a STEM Museum!

Museums are awesome places to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. There are different types of museums such as science, tech, natural history, space, discovery, and children's museums, all of which offer great learning opportunities. By visiting these museums, you can discover new things and be inspired to learn more about STEM.

Don't worry about how much it costs to get into the museums, as there may be free admission days or free passes to a museum near you! Check your credit card for offers, your local library for free museum passes, and nearby museums for free entrance days.

Find a STEM museum near you and prepare to be awed by all that you can learn there!

Explore STEM Summer Camps!

Summer is the best time for exploring STEM activities outside of school! Check out summer STEM camps at your local science museums or universities.

There are also longer summer camps around the US that include STEM activities that range from robotics to hands-on study of marine science and volcanos. These are popular STEM camps in the US:

California Science Center Summer Camp

  • Who: pre-K to 8th grade

  • Where: Los Angeles, California

  • What: day classes, scholarships available

Science Camps of America

  • Who: 4th grade to 12th grade

  • Where: Oahu & Hawaii islands

  • What: STEM workshops, day camps, overnight camps on volcanos & oceans, scholarships available

Marine Science Summer Camps at Acadia Institute of Oceanography

  • Who: 4th grade to 12th grade

  • Where: Seal Harbor, Maine

  • What: 2-week marine biology camp, scholarships available

Museum of Science & Industry

  • Who: pre-K to 12th grade

  • Where: Chicago, Illinois

  • What: single- to multi-day camps year round, scholarships available

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