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18 Popular Science Fair Projects for Kids

18 Popular Science Fair Projects for Kids

Get ready to experience the wonder of science with these popular science projects that are perfect for all ages! You don't even need to leave your home because you probably have all the things you need. These experiments not only promise a fun time but also provide valuable scientific lessons that will leave you curious for more.

Magic Milk Experiment
See colors magically move in milk with soap! This fun experiment demonstrates surface tension in a vivid way!
How to Make Oobleck: Is it a Liquid or Solid?
This simple Oobleck recipe of cornstarch and water is a fun introduction to the complex science of non-Newtonian fluids!
Sparkling Rainbow Crystal
Make your own sparkling rainbow crystals at home with Borax and see science in action!
Explosive Elephant Toothpaste
Get ready to create a massive, bubbling tube of toothpaste using only hydrogen peroxide, yeast and dish soap!
Egg with Vinegar
Explore this fascinating egg experiment with vinegar that makes a bouncy egg! Discover the science of acid and base chemical reactions and protein denaturation!
Electricity from a Lemon
Discover the incredible power of lemons! With lemons and basic materials, you can create an eco-friendly battery that powers an LED light!
Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Colors of Skittles Experiment
Did you know that some Skittles have a secret rainbow hiding inside them? It's true!
Cloud in a Bottle
With just a few simple steps, creating a cloud in a jar can help us understand the process of cloud formation!
Baking Soda Volcano
Create a fizzing, bubbling reaction with baking soda and vinegar! Learn about acid-base reactions and have fun while doing it!
Make Plastic From Milk
Did you know that milk from the fridge can be transformed into plastic? How cool is that?
Powering Up with Potatoes
Learn how to make a battery from potatoes and measure the voltage and current it produces!
Jumping Rice Krispies
Make Rice Krispies jump with static electricity!
Egg in a Bottle
Can air pressure push an egg into a bottle? Find out in this fun experiment!
Rocket Film Canisters
Make a rocket fly sky high with just baking soda and vinegar!
Changing the Color of Flowers
Did you know you can change the color of flowers? With this science experiment, you can!
Dancing Spaghetti
Make spaghetti dance with baking soda and vinegar!
Color and Taste
Do you think the color of a beverage affects how it tastes?

Science Fair Project FAQ

How do I start a science fair project?

Science fair projects are a fun and unique way to discover science by asking a question and doing a science project. We'll help you find a science fair project idea and guide you through the process of doing and presenting your science fair project with Science Fair Coach's Science Fair Project Guide.

What are some hands-on ways to find inspiration for my science fair project?

Science museums are great places to explore if you're looking for inspiration for your next science fair project or just want to learn more about science. Science museums, natural history museums, space museums, and discovery museums are all great places to do that! You can discover all sorts of interesting things about science and find cool project ideas for science fairs.

There may be free admission days or free passes to a science museum near you! Check your local library for free museum passes, nearby science museums for free entrance days and your credit card for offers.

Find a science museum near you and prepare to be awed by all that you can learn there! I always learn something new and am inspired whenever I go to a science museum!

What should I do after I have a science fair project idea?

If you have a science fair project idea, Science Fair Coach can help you turn it into a full science fair project! Starting at Introduction to Science Fairs, we'll guide you through how to do a science fair project, from designing and conducting your experiment to collecting and analyzing your findings. Then, we'll help you showcase your results on a science fair board with our Guide to Science Fair Posters.

How do I make a science fair board?

Your science fair board is where you show off your science fair project for everyone to see and learn from. With our Guide to Science Fair Posters, you can make sure your science fair board stands out and impresses at the science fair!

What is the scientific method?

The 7 steps of the scientific method helps us understand how nature works. Learn how the scientific method is used in a science fair project example, and how it's evolved through history as scientists used different ways to learn about nature with our Guide to the Scientific Method!

What is the engineering design process?

The 6 steps of the engineering design process helps us design an effective solution to a problem. Learn how to use the engineering design process with the example of the egg drop challenge in our Guide to the Engineering Design Process!

Where can I find a science fair competition?

Science fair competitions are an excellent opportunity to explore science. One of the of the premier science advocacy organizations, the Society for Science, is associated with more than 400 science fair competitions in almost every US state, as well as over 70 other countries, regions, and territories. You can find out if there's a Society of Science affiliated science fair near you!

The www Virtual Library: Science Fairs website also has a collection of science fairs from all over the world, as well as national, state, regional, local, and virtual competitions!

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