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Heat (Thermodynamics) Science Fair Project

Firewood Heat Experiment

Firewood Heat Experiment | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Have you ever wondered if different types of firewood produce different amounts of heat? In this experiment, you will find out by measuring the temperature of water heated by different types of firewood.


The hypothesis is that hardwoods produce more heat compared to soft wood.

Method & Materials

You will measure the temperature of water heated by different types of firewood, and record the results.
You will need 3 pieces of oak, maple, cedar, and pine wood, a 500ml beaker, a thermometer, a lighter, a tripod stand, 2 liters of tap water, a stop watch, a ceramic tile or 2 bricks, and a small bottle of kerosene.


The results show that oak wood and maple wood causes the temperature of the water in the beaker to increase faster as compared to cedar wood and pinewood. This proves that hardwoods produce more heat compared to soft wood.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how different types of firewood can produce different amounts of heat.

Also Consider

Consider measuring the amount of time taken for the wood to burn out, or using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the fire directly.

Full project details

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