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Heat (Thermodynamics) Science Fair Project

Heat Retention Experiment

Heat Retention Experiment | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
We're testing four materials to see which one can keep heat in the best. We'll measure the temperature of water in a box with each material to see which one works the best.


The hypothesis is that sand will retain more heat than straw, sand, paper, and cloth batting.

Method & Materials

You will build a box, put a beaker of water inside, and fill the box with different materials. You will measure the temperature of the water every hour for 8 hours.
You will need a 1000ml beaker, wood glue, a Celsius thermometer, 500ml boiling water, plywood, wood blocks, straw, cloth, paper, batting insulation, and sand.


The results showed that batting insulation retained heat better than the other materials. The insulator with the lowest temperature was the shredded paper. This experiment showed that sand was not the best insulator.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it tests different materials to see which one is the best at keeping heat in.

Also Consider

Variations to consider: testing different amounts of water, testing different temperatures of water, and testing different sizes of boxes.

Full project details

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