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The Oral presentation


:: The Oral presentation

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The rules of your science fair may require you to give an oral presentation about your project. This can be challenging, so it's important to practice your presentation. One way to do this is to record a rehearsal on a video camera and watch it to see if you are speaking too quickly or slowly, or if you are not making yourself clear.

During your oral presentation, go over the main parts of your project, including the problem, hypothesis, experiment procedure, results, and conclusion. Be prepared to answer any questions the judges may have about your project. A well-organized display will give the judges most of the information they need, but they may ask questions to see if you really understand what you did.

When talking to the judges, be friendly and excited about your project. If you can't answer all of their questions, that's okay. Just talk about other parts of your project that might interest them.

Above all, have fun at the science fair! If you're enjoying yourself, you'll do a great job as long as you have done your homework.
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