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Preparing your report


:: Preparing your report

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Now that you've done all the hard work, it's time to put together the final report. This should be a relatively simple process if you've completed each step of your project thoroughly. All you need to do is gather all the different parts of your project and organize them in the following order:
  1. Question: The question you are trying to answer with your experiment.
  2. Hypothesis and experiment variables: Your hypothesis and the independent, dependent, and control variables in your experiment.
  3. Research: The background research you did to understand your topic and form your hypothesis.
  4. Materials list: A list of all the materials you used in your experiment.
  5. Experiment procedure: Detailed instructions on how you conducted your experiment.
  6. Experiment results and data: The data you collected from your experiment, including any tables, charts, or graphs you used to represent it.
  7. Analysis: Your analysis of the data and whether it supports or does not support your hypothesis.
  8. Conclusion: A summary of your findings and any suggestions for improving the experiment.
  9. Bibliography: A list of sources you used in your research.
  10. Acknowledgements: Any thanks or credits you want to give to people who helped with your project.

Remember to proofread and edit your report to make sure it's clear and easy to understand. Good luck!


The bibliography is a list of all the reference materials you used for your science project. It should include at least three sources. Some of the information you can include in your bibliography are:
  1. The author's name
  2. The date of publication
  3. The name of the publisher (sometimes this is different from the author)
  4. The volume and edition number of the publication
  5. The URL for websites you referenced.

Make sure to include all of this information for each source you list in your bibliography. It's important to give proper credit to the sources you used for your project.
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