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:: Safety

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It's important to follow safety guidelines when creating your display board. Make sure to obtain a copy of the safety rules and follow them carefully. It is generally not acceptable to include live animals, microbial cultures or fungi, animal or human parts except for teeth, hair, nails, and dried animal bones, liquids, chemicals, open or concealed flames, batteries with open top cells, combustible materials, aerosol cans of household solvents, controlled substances, any hazardous materials, sharp items like knives, needles, and syringes, or gases in your display. Additionally, be sure to get your project topic approved by your teacher before you begin working on it. This checklist can help ensure that your display is acceptable and will impress the judges.
Here are some tips for creating a great display for your project:
  1. Make sure everything looks straight and neat to show the judges you are a careful and professional scientist.
  2. Try out your letters on the display board before sticking them down to make sure they look straight and are aligned properly. Use a ruler to draw a straight line first to help guide you.
  3. Use a big font for the project title and a smaller font for headings. You can also use a different color for the headings, but don't use too many colors or it can be confusing. Most of the other text should be in black.
  4. Put typed material on colored paper, like construction paper, with at least an inch border around the edges.
  5. Follow all safety rules for wiring and electrical connections, and ask an adult for help if you need it.
  6. Pack a kit with supplies like colored pencils, markers, erasers, felt pens, glue, tape, and paint in case you need to fix anything at the last minute.
  7. Cover the table with a clean cloth that matches the color scheme of your display board to make your project stand out.

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