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Science fair judges use a benchmark score as a starting point and then add or subtract points based on certain criteria. If you are able to meet all the requirements, you will likely earn a high score.

Here is a rewritten version of the criteria for a middle school science fair project that is more accessible to a middle school reader:

1. Objectives of the project

  1. Were the ideas and goals of the project explained in a way that was easy to understand?
  2. Were the problems or issues being addressed stated clearly?
  3. Were all the variables and controls in the experiments clearly defined and explained?
  4. Was there a brief explanation of the background or context for the project?
  5. Were solutions or recommendations presented, if applicable?

2. Skills related to the project

  1. Did the participant understand and use the equipment and materials needed for the project?
  2. Did the participant do the experiments and collect data on their own, without help from an adult or mentor?
  3. Did the participant show they had the skills needed to complete the project, such as following procedures and collecting accurate data?

3. Data collection

  1. Was the process of conducting experiments and collecting data well documented in a journal or logbook?
  2. Were the records and data organized and easy to follow?
  3. Were the experiments repeated to check the results?
  4. Did the participant spend enough time on the project, including planning, doing experiments, and analyzing data?
  5. Are the results of the experiments able to be verified and checked by others?

4. Data interpretation

  1. Were charts, tables, and graphs used to help understand and interpret the collected data?
  2. Did the participant use research or information from other sources to help interpret the results?
  3. Did the participant use a wide enough range of data to give an accurate interpretation of the results?
  4. Did the participant use only objectively collected data and not make up their own results?

5. Project presentation

  1. Is there a complete and comprehensive report or written summary of the project?
  2. Does the report look professional, with clear and organized information?
  3. Did the participant answer questions accurately, politely, and confidently during the presentation?
  4. Did the participant use the display or materials to help make the presentation more effective?
  5. Did the participant justify their conclusions based on the results of their experiments?
  6. Was the participant able to summarize what they learned or discovered through the project?
  7. Did the participant show creativity in their project display?
  8. Was the project original and not copied from another source?
  9. Was the presentation attractive and interesting, with clear and well-organized information?
Congratulations on completing the coaching on Science Fair Projects! Have fun and Wow the judges with your creativity !!!
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