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Scientific Method

:: Research

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The second step in the scientific method is research. This is where you learn more about your topic and the scientific principles that are related to it. You can do this by reading books, magazines, and scientific journals, and by using the internet. The purpose of doing research is to help you design your experiment and make sure you understand why your experiment works the way it does.

It's important to make sure your research is thorough, up-to-date, and comes from reliable sources. You also want to make sure your research is focused on your question, but not too narrow or too broad.

For example, if you are doing a science project on sunscreen, you might want to research the definition of SPF and how it is measured. You would also want to learn about ultraviolet rays and how they can be harmful to the human body. When doing online research, you might use keywords like "sunscreen protection factor" and "ultraviolet radiation." You don't need to know everything about sunscreen, just the information that is relevant to your question.
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