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The Effect of Temperature on Fingerprints

The Effect of Temperature on Fingerprints | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Ever wanted to know how temperature affects fingerprints? In this project, you'll find out by comparing the clarity of fingerprints obtained from different temperatures.


The hypothesis is that the fingerprint obtained from a surface with a lower temperature will be clearer.

Method & Materials

You will label 6 drinking glasses with different temperatures, press a finger against the surface of the glass to create a fingerprint, sprinkle cocoa powder on the surface of the glass, and place a piece of cellophane tape over the fingerprint to collect it.
You will need 6 drinking glasses, a bag of ice, a hot plate, a thermometer, tap water, cocoa powder, a soft brush, transparent cellophane tape, A4 size paper, a plastic glove, a piece of cloth, and a black marker.


The results showed that the fingerprint obtained at 0°C was the most clear, and the quality of the fingerprint became more unclear as the temperature increased.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how temperature affects the clarity of fingerprints, which is important for forensic investigations.

Also Consider

Variations of this project could include using different types of surfaces like marble, PVC, or wood finishing.

Full project details

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