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Windy Bridges

Windy Bridges | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Are you ready to explore how different bridge designs stand up to strong winds? In this project, you'll build model bridges and measure the angle of tilt when exposed to wind from an industrial fan.


The hypothesis is that the bridge with minimal side-coverage will be the least affected by crosswinds.

Method & Materials

You will construct model bridges using toothpicks, chopsticks, clay, string, paper, scissors, glue, and protractors. Then, you will measure the angle of tilt of the bridge when exposed to wind from an industrial fan.
You will need 1500 toothpicks, 6 pairs of disposable chopsticks, a box of clay, 10 meters of string, letter-sized paper, a pair of scissors, 3 bottles of glue, 3 transparent protractors, and an industrial fan.


The results showed that the bridge with open sides had the least amount of tilt and swing caused by the wind from the fan. The bridge with 100% covered sides had the largest tilt angle.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it allows students to explore how different bridge designs stand up to strong winds.

Also Consider

Experiment variations include building larger model bridges of different materials (e.g. aluminium, cast iron) to understand how the density and weight of the materials used to construct the bridge affects its ability to withstand high speed winds. Another variation is to repeat the experiment using varying wind speeds, or by simulating earthquakes.

Full project details

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