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Environmental Pollution Science Fair Project

Pollution and Water Depth

Pollution and Water Depth | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Are deeper waters more or less polluted? Let's find out by taking water samples from different depths and testing them for pollutants.


The hypothesis is that a water sample taken from deeper waters will contain less pollutant.

Method & Materials

You will need an experienced diver, diving gear, 20 empty bottles, pH paper, a turbidity meter, and a freshwater test kit. The diver will dive into the lake and obtain water samples from 4 different depths.
You will need a set of diving gear, an experienced diver, 20 empty bottles, pH paper, a turbidity meter, and a freshwater test kit.


The results of the tests showed that the levels of acidity, ammonia content and nitrate found in the water samples did not change significantly regardless of the depth at which these samples were obtained. However, the turbidity of the water increased as the depth of water increased.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how water pollution can vary with depth, and how it can affect the entire ecosystem.

Also Consider

Variations of this project could include testing water samples from rivers or oceans, or taking water samples from greater depths of 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters.

Full project details

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