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Investigating Stomata Density

Investigating Stomata Density | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
We're going to investigate how the number of stomata on pine tree leaves changes depending on the amount of traffic in the area. We'll collect samples from 15 pine trees in different locations with varying levels of traffic, and then count the number of stomata on the leaves.


The hypothesis is that the stomata density in pine tree leaves taken from locations with a higher traffic flow is lower.

Method & Materials

You will select 15 pine trees at locations with different concentrations of automobile traffic, and count the number of vehicles that pass by each location. You will then collect samples of 2 leave clusters from each of the 15 pine trees, and count the number of stomata on the leaves under a microscope.
You will need 15 pine trees at locations with different concentrations of automobile traffic, 3 bottles of clear nail polish, a roll of clear cellophane tape, 15 glass slides, a microscope, 15 plastic bags, a black marker pen, a car and a driver, and GPS (global positioning system) equipment or a good map.


The results showed that the greater the concentration of traffic where the sample leaves were collected, the lesser the amount of stomata found on the sample leaves.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how the environment can affect the number of stomata on a plant.

Also Consider

Consider repeating this science fair project by taking leaf samples from different types of trees, or by measuring the stomata density of leaves from trees in different climates.

Full project details

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