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Sound Transmission Through Different Materials

Sound Transmission Through Different Materials | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Ever wondered how sound travels through different materials? In this project, you'll measure the sound transmission of different materials to find out!


The hypothesis is that higher density materials will transmit less sound.

Method & Materials

You will measure the sound transmission of different materials by using a decibel meter to measure the noise level outside a box with a sound source inside.
You will need a decibel meter, a battery operated siren, a 300mm x 300mm x 300mm plywood box with slots carved into its side, a 250mm x 250mm sheet of plywood of 5mm thickness, a 250mm x 250mm sheet of bakelite of 5mm thickness, a 250mm x 250mm sheet of glass of 5mm thickness, a 250mm x 250mm marble tile of 5mm thickness, and a ruler.


The results of the experiment showed that higher density materials were the most effective at insulating noise and the lowest density material was the least effective at insulating noise. This proves that the hypothesis is true.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how sound travels differently through different materials.

Also Consider

To improve the reliability and accuracy of the results, a larger sample of participants should be used. This science project may also be repeated, this time, comparing different elastic materials like rubber, metal, etc.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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